It Came From The Desert - Trailer

Trailer for feature film It Came From The Desert.

A pulpy, action monster movie, inspired by Cinemaware’s cult 1980s videogame It Came from the Desert. A nostalgic tribute to creature features from the 1950s, It Came from the Desert features rival motocross heroes and heroines, kegger parties in the desert, secret underground military bases, romantic insecurities… and of course giant ants! Finland’s Roger! Pictures partnered with US-based legendary game developer Cinemaware to produce a motion picture adaptation of the classic 1980s game.

2017 Fantasy Filmfest, Germany - Official Selection
2017 Monsters of Film, Sweden - Official Selection, Audience Award
2017 Frightfest, UK - Official Selection
2017 Razorreel, Belgium - Official Selection
2017 Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, Italy - Official Selection
2017 Night Visions Festival, Finland - Official Selection

"Camp, cheesy and oddly charming, It Came From the Desert is a rare modern b-movie that is an absolute viewing pleasure. It’s such an entertaining watch that it should be watched with as big an audience as possible for maximum fun."

"Independent films are often hit or miss affairs, but when they hit, they hit hard. It Came from the Desert is a home run."

Director: Marko Mäkilaakso
D.O.P: Juge Heikkilä
Producer: Teemu Virta/Roger! Pictures
Colorist: Timo Luomanen/Post Control